A Hearty Welcome to the Dravidian land.

Historically the word "drāviḍa" is used to denote the geographical region of South India. The third century BCE onwards saw the development of large Dravidian political states: Chola dynasty, Pandyan dynasty, Rashtrakuta dynasty, Vijayanagra dynasty, Chera dynasty, Chalukya dynasty and a number of smaller states.

South India refers to the South Indian states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Telangana. The South Indian culture is essentially the celebration of the eternal universe through the celebration of the beauty of the body and motherhood.

An India with a captivating history, a region full of customs and traditions, culture and cuisine, art and architecture, each so colourful and distinct… is where the Spice Circuit journey begins…..


The Spice Circuit …..a personal invitation to be our guest; to connect with our homes and household and experience our custom, culture and cuisine.

Passionate about their roots, proud of their heritage and much captivated by their culinary legacy, Chef Kanthi Kiran Thamma and Wilson Rajan under the patronage of Martha Lucius have taken up the mantle to re-discover and present the Dravidian land and tradition to the world like none before.

The Spice Circuit is not just a passage but a platform to showcase the profundity of South of India to people from around the globe; people who love to travel; who want to go deeper than a tourist and eagerly discover South India's history and culture and learn for the first time about regional cuisines that are not so known in the west!

The Spice Circuit…, premium spice exports, restaurant and events…….all of these tailored and spiced to meet your penchant and tastes.


Chef And Culinary Ambassador

Chef Kanthi Thamma was born and raised in Hyderabad, the culinary capital of southern India and is still inspired by its history, food and flavors of his childhood. It was in his mother’s kitchen where he was inspired to become a chef, a journey that has seen him travel the world in search of culinary inspiration and excellence.

At age 18 Kanthi started traveling, cooking in Switzerland, Disney World Resorts in the USA and Disney Criuse Lines before settling in the UK. Gaining experience with some of the UK’s most acclaimed chefs. During the last three years Kanthi was instrumental in setting-up and managing one of Brighton’s most successful brands; Curry Leaf Café, which currently has two restaurants and a Kiosk at the Brighton Railway Station. Pulling on the cuisines of his childhood in India, he gained the attention of critiques and diners. He quickly garnered many awards and accolades.

Kanthi readily admits that he gathers ideas and inspiration about ingredients and cooking from the local chefs he meets every day. Over the years, he has travelled to Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, the Channel Islands as part of Chef Collaborations programmes, representing the cuisine and culture of South India. He wants to give similar experiences to his guests.

Two years ago he started traveling with friends, showing them Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu's rich culture and cuisines. Hence, Spice Circuit. Now the gastronomic tours in South of India with the same personal touch is possible in this annual tour for American and European audience.

Spice Circuit is born of Kanthi’s passion for food and travel and this is something that he have always wanted to pursue. He takes a lot of pride in presenting his country's rich culinary heritage and superb hospitality.

HP: +44 7515 721213

Tour Manager And Host

Born in Kollam, Kerala, Wilson grew to love hospitality from a young age. With his determination and study, he graduated top of his class from Saptagiri College of Hotel Management, Mangalore, INDIA.

Now he has more than 24 years of extensive experience working across diverse sectors, including: Hospitality, Conference, Exhibition & Event Management and Media & Publications. His signature skill is setting up multi-cuisine restaurants and has to his credit more than a dozen such fine dining restaurants, setup across; Mumbai, Bangalore, Goa, Pune, Vishakapatnam and Hyderabad. In the last three years, he is managing a restaurant called Zaeem Foods in Sohar, Sultanate of Oman.

Wilson hails from Kerala, is an enthusiastic foodie with a love of travel. Always gracious, eager to explore and happy to socialize, Wilson brings his kind and nurturing personality to Spice Circuit. He's motivated to take up travel and event assignments. Spice Circuit is their dream realized. They've delivered two tailored tours of South India for groups of British travelers.

This year they are eager to host their first American group to Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Part of a day will be spent in Wilson's lovely home, Palamoottil Pandakasala. Kanthi enjoys using their demo kitchen which Wilson built. We will embrace village life reserved only for such intimate tours.

HP: +968 9319 0397
Hospitality Consultant And Slow-Food Traveller

Martha Lucius was bitten by wanderlust from birth. Her father's insatiable appetite for travel had her family living in Nigeria, Thailand, Tanzania, and India. Not to mention all the side trips to Malaysia, Indonesian and other countries. Dinner could be a formal coursed dinner or simple street fare. Her college career had her balancing her time between her degree in Economics, and running her college's India Club.

After graduation Martha had a ten year career as a calligrapher and graphic designer. But food and travel made her switch gears, and she opened two restaurants in Baltimore, Maryland. Her menu was taken directly from her travels. Customers delighted in Indian, Mediterranean, and Thai soups, sandwiches and desserts. Their signature items were Mulligatawny Soup and Hippie Cookies.

Now she's a business advisor to chefs and owners across the US. Her desire to run a trip to India melded with Kanthi and Wilson's plan to launch Spice Circuit to the US. Come, experience South Indian hospitality. It's a journey of a lifetime. You can't get better than a trip that is spiced and tailored like the Spice Circuit!

HP: +1 410 9636431



The Spice Circuit has a diversified business consisting of:

India being a huge and mystifying country, with many different religions, traditions and cultures, travelling to India can be a major culture shock, particularly on your first visit. The Spice Circuit will play the perfect host and ensure your passage to India is safe, scintillating, smartly planned and well executed.

Our tours are not simply tours. We take you on the road less travelled, the hidden places that make India magical. You will see the most desirable destination; eat dishes and cuisines you've never much known. India being an immensely fascinating country because of its size and diversity often demands more however we will not try to do too much during your trip, this is to ensure that you thoroughly enjoy every moment and take home the unique character and feel of each of the location. Hence all our itineraries have every detail of how much you will see and experience, this is to ensure you have realistic expectations and though you experience a tour full of flavors, the taste of India will linger and make you return for more.

Please do visit our Tours page to know more of our up-coming itineraries.


The Spice Circuit will soon be foraying into trade of highly premium spices to the UK. Special Teas and the best quality of Cashew nuts is also something that you can basket as we make our foot prints in Brighton to start with.


This endeavour of ours is in its conceptual stage and Brighton is soon to have our first food outlet where you could savour and experience select regional cuisines of India. Kerala will also soon have one of our first wayside restaurants soon. The restaurant will not only cater to the locales but also to tourists travelling between Kochi and Trivandrum.


From Pop-Up Kitchens to Chef Exchange programs, from special dinner nights to exclusive event caterings, from food pairing sessions to cooking lessons and everything about spices to culinary tours, you will have it all here.


The Spice Circuit already has three distinct B&B properties located off Karunagapally a city in Kollam district of Kerala. Each of these B&B’s are placed close to each other and put-together have Nine Kerala Rooms to offer for a captivating village tourism experience.

Each of these Home Stays are distinct in their architecture; while one is an old Kerala house with tiled roof and red oxide flooring, the other is a Laurie Becker style house with mud tiles on its ceiling and lot of inter-binding corbel designs and the other a traditional Nalukettu Kerala house with terracotta clay tile flooring, tiled roof, and an old fashioned sit-out.

The best part of these B&B's are that their families reside there, which ensures that you are safe, you get to interact and know more of Kerala and yes you relish home cooked (the mothers of the house cook it themselves) Kerala breakfast with your bed and lunch and dinner if you choose to.

While these Home Stays offer a great natural setting and village atmosphere along with authentic keralan food, they also have the advantage of being located close to some popular tourist destinations; Munroe Islands, Kollam, Poovar and Varkala…all within a hour and a half of travel time.

Its your journey to our homes.........Suswagatham! CONTACT US


A hearty welcome to the Dravidian land…..the South of India.

Tour – A

Arrive at Kochi and Depart from Chennai

Tour – B

Arrive at Kochi and Depart from Trivandrum OR
Arrive at Trivandrum and Depart from Kochi

Tour – C

Arrive at Trivandrum and Depart from Bangalore

Welcome to our journey, where hospitality and culinary experience merge to make this trip a lifetime delight.

A restorative and gastronomic passage across prominent southern states of India: Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Journeys packed with tradition, culture, heritage, health and culinary enchantment.

Glorious beaches, jungles filled with wildlife, teeming backwaters and exotic costumed temple dramas – Kerala ticks just about every box. Its lush beauty is simply a complement to its rich traditions, legends and culture. And yes its delicious cuisine, characterized by the use of coconut, chilies, curry leaf, mustard seed, tamarind and asafetida is a delight so divine.

Tamil Nadu is the homeland of one of humanity’s living classical civilisations, as dynamic as it is immersed in tradition. Tamil Nadu's famously spectacular temples, each distinct from the other, there are more than 30,000 temples in Tamil Nadu, each temple not just a place of worship, but a place for social gatherings, education and celebration, a place where the artisans skill was show-cased.

Host to some of India's largest and most powerful dynasties, the state has across the centuries, carried a legacy of art and culture. Karnataka is a tapestry of colours, cultures, flavours and landscapes. Sedate plains suddenly rise to dizzying mist covered hilly heights, languid rivers that flow past cities; cities that sometimes escape into the deep forests and sometimes, stretches their arms wide open to embrace the sea.

Itineraries offering the most comprehensive and contrasting experience-led journey consisting of; beaches & backwaters; hills & plains; ayurveda & yoga; house boat & tree-house; heritage home & home stays; tea & spice trails; temples & churches; wild & tribal life; architecture colonial & class; people & food….. Experience them all.


  • All the itineraries marked above include Kerala & Tamil Nadu (Tour-A).
  • You also have the choice to pick only Tour B (Exclusive Kerala).
  • You may also choose to tour only Tamil Nadu, and if you wish to do so do write to us and we shall send you our Tariff for the same. In this case you will have to arrive in Trivandrum on either 15th Jan or 2nd Feb or 21st Feb, 2018. And following your 6-Nights and 7-Days tour of Classical Tamil Nadu you will depart from Chennai.



All our tour itineraries are planned during January and February as these are the best months to travel to the South of India. October through March is also a good time and if you wish to travel during these months, please do let us know and we shall customize and propose an itinerary to suit your dates.


We are committed to do small groups of size of 16-18 persons.
Smaller groups of friends and families or individuals are also welcome.


  • You will be charged as per your preference of stay; accommodation on Single or Double occupancy basis.
  • All accommodation is on CP, Bed & Breakfast only plan.
  • Welcome Dinner on the day of arrival.
  • On the Houseboat you will be served all meals; Lunch, Dinner & Breakfast.

  • Our prices do not include any airfare/flights to and from India.
  • Any Travel Insurances.
  • Any item not mentioned above, such as Ayurveda therapies and treatments, Entrance Fees for shows and sites, Drinks and beverages, Laundry, Telephone, Video/Camera fees, Tips, etc, and any other expenses of personal nature.

  • On arrival our Host will meet and greet you and assist you with and through your journey.
  • A English speaking Escort will be by your side through the tour.
  • All transfers and sightseeing on premium air-conditioned coaches.



Our tours are not just tours but journeys; Driven by Passion, Professional Excellence and a Desire to deliver an experience; concealed and not so known, apart from the most adored destinations, dishes and drives.

TAILORED: to maximize delivery of traveler’s particular interests.

GASTRONOMIC: The first of the tours to have an unparallel Gastronomic focus.

RARE: The rarest of opportunity to travel with one of Brighton’s most acclaimed Chef and understand the diversity of the cuisines of each of the travel destinations.

INSIGHTFUL: A professional Escort throughout the tour to explain in detail the history, culture and uniqueness of each of the travel locations.

WELL ASSISTED: A hospitality attendant to accompany and ensure your focus remains on enjoying the tour without being bothered of tickets, queues, needs, searches, etc.

SIMPLY SAFE: We know that traveling to India is intimidating to some people. We want you to feel safe and welcome. In fact it’s one of the reasons we decided to do this tour—Kanthi and Wilson know this area because they grew up in South India. They have carefully chosen the hotels and excursions because of the personal and professional relationships they have built in anticipation of the Spice Circuit. We are conscious of your needs to stay hydrated, and will make sure clean water is available to you. Meals are prepared in clean kitchens all along the journey. We are happy to have one-on-one conversations with your regarding your health needs and we look forward to you having a fantastic journey free of health issues.

TRULY SELECT: be it the group size, the stays, the coach you travel and every other component of the journey from your welcome to the departure, each of them will have an assured ‘moment of wow’.

We know that travelling to India is intimidating to some people. We want you to feel safe and welcome. In fact it’s one of the reasons we decided to do this tour—Kanthi and Wilson know this area because they grew up in South India. They have carefully chosen the hotels and excursions because of the personal and professional relationships they have built in anticipation of the Spice Circuit.

We are conscious of your needs to stay hydrated, and will make sure clean water is available to you. Meals are prepared in clean kitchens all along the journey. We are happy to have one-on-one conversations with your regarding your health needs and we look forward to you having a fantastic journey free of health issues.

It’s your journey to our homes..... Suswagatam!


  • Pascere Goes On A Spice Circuit

    6th November 2017 | Pascere | Brighton | UK

    A 7 course tasting menu blending European and Southern Indian flavours with modern and classic techniques.A special collaboration between Pascere and The Spice Circuit, the new venture from award winning chef and former co-creator of Curry Leaf Cafe, Kānthi Kiran Thamma.

  • The Spice Circuit at Perch

    10th & 11th November | 6:30 - 10:00 PM

    Poppadums and Chutneys - Vegan

    Sharing Streetfood Platters
    - vegetable pakoras - vegan/ngi
    - samosas - vegan
    - Chilli Chicken - ngi/df


  • Taste of South India

    14 - 18 Nov 2017 Tenerife - Hotel H10 Conquistador

    H10 Conquistador invites your to join us on an exciting and unique culinary journey through the South of India

    A range of street food, curries, chutneys and spices will come together in this most aromatic and flavour loaded journey


  • Taste of South India

    14 - 18 Nov 2017 Tenerife - Hotel H10 Conquistador

    Lets celebrate the flavours of South India with mouth - watering dishes with our guest chef from the UK Chef Kanthi Kiran Thamma

  • Chilli Cousins

    23rd November | La Choza Western Road

    The chillies never existed in Indian cooking till early 15th Century and it happned only when Colombus discovered a route to the Americas from India Via Spain thus linking these two nations.

  • A 6-Course Tasting Menu: Spice Trail

    26th September, 2017 | Etch | Brighton | UK

    As Head Chef of the Curry Leaf Cafe, Kanthi Kiran Thamma has played a huge role in increasing the standard of Indian cuisine in Brighton and beyond.
    Kanthi Thamma will be guest chef at etch. By Steven Edwards on Tuesday 26th September offering a 6 course tasting menu showcasing a spice trail of ingredients from all over India and introducing his new brand the Spice Circuit.

  • Gin & Curry Nights

    27th October 2017 | Pud du Vin | Brighton | UK

    This time we have paired up with the award winning chef and founder of 'The Spice Circuit' for a night of delicious Indian street food and GIN.

    India is where the GIN & Tonic was invented so it's only fitting that we pair GIN with curry. We are introducing a brand new GIN to this event - JIN DEA. We found this GIN back in the summer when it first launched at a trade event and fell in love with the taste, story and branding!


  • Dines Out: Spice Circuit

    I don’t know whether this happens in other places but here in Brighton and Hove chefs play nicely together, they have bonded into a vibrant culinary community and in doing so have made our restaurant scene one of the most exciting places to eat and drink. Last week I saw one of our younger chefs take the bravest leap forward. Kanthi Thamma has made his name at the Curry Leaf Cafe but after a few years has decided that it is time for him to move on and explore new adventures in food.

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  • Tom Flint: A superb show of spicing

    Taking Indian street food and presenting it in a fine-dining environment takes a lot of skill and vision. Indian food is generally known for its comforting and hearty style, not something that lends itself to the high-end restaurant setting. Knowing Kanthi’s food well I was sure he would be able to deliver on flavour, but could he present dishes befitting of a restaurant such as Etch, especially when head chef and former Masterchef: The Professionals winner Steven Edwards was one of the guests?

    As with most events we were greeted with a cocktail. That evening’s was the Seven Year Etch courtesy of Sarah from Blackdown Spirits. It was a mango take on the porn star martini and a fitting introduction to the meal.

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  • The Spice Circuit – Foodie’s Journey in South India, January 2018

    What is Mulligatawny Soup and Masala Dosas? They are two flavorful items from a small region in Southern India. You could be eating one of them from their place of orgin just after New Years.
    Today is the unveiling of The Spice Circuit. A hand-tailored journey, a cultural immersion, a sensory delight, and simple shared moments around a table. It’s a Slow Food trip.

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  • C’mon Baltimore, Let’s Travel the Spice Circuit!

    Baltimore…are you ready for a South Indian experiential trip to the spice region of India? Starting in January, Martha Lucius is leading a food tour to South India.

    It’s called the Spice Circuit – a term Indians use when referring to the geographic region where the spice route began. Traveling, literally to the origins of spices such as anise, chili powder, cardamom, tea, and tamarind.

    We asked Martha Lucius, the former owner of Boheme Cafe, to explain.
    How did this trip come into being?

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Chef Kanthi Thamma has been at the forefront of Brighton’s curry revolution in recent years. After four years at Curry Leaf Café, he has decided to leave the restaurant and start his new project, The Spice Circuit ( I met with him to find out about this exciting development in his career Read more


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